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Tri-State Backpack Buddies
"Connection Express"

We believe that every child should be given clothing that gives them confidence, school supplies to help them be successful, and shoes that can go the distance!


Our goal is to give every student in need the tools, educational supplies and clothing to walk into school feeling confident and ready to learn. Each student invited onto the "Connection Express" - our mobile Backpack Buddies event receives a backpack filled with school supplies, new uniform shirts, shoes, socks, and undergarments.

Eligible students, those living at or below the poverty level, are invited by their school to hop on the bus to get the items they need to be successful.



Things are changing once more for 2024, here is what to expect:

Parents, we want to be more accessible for you and your child.

Moving forward, Legacy Foundation will utilize the "Connection Express" to provide school essentials to your child. Each school will be invited to sign up for the dates/times that work for them based on the school year. The best news is that no transportation is required of you! 

Students will still receive all the great items like in the past; however, we will serve students throughout the school year directly at the school. No more events!   

What does this mean?

Please plan and be prepared to have at least one school shirt required for the first day. Many local thrift stores sell gently used shirts for as low as $1!

Ensure the school your child attends knows your child(ren) would benefit from attending. We have had to limit enrollment to serve kids more often. This means your child may not be selected to participate even if they have participated in the past. On the flip side, we have removed barriers to access to assist a broader audience. The need is great, and we try hard to provide services to as many kids as possible.

Anything else?

These changes differ from prior years, but our goal remains to help our communities' families. Please work with us as we make this transition. It will look different, but we promise we will make it work! 

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